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This page offers an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Click on the question to read the answer. Should your answer not be present here then feel free to contact the Woonexpert brokers. Their contact information is at the bottom of the page.


The Sale started. Several apartments are still for sale in the modern area, Het Landhuis.

An appeal had been made against the zoning plan of Roosenhorst. On 26 September 2018 the Council of State declared the zoning plan to be largely irrevocable. The decision to confirm the zoning plan for Het Lint (located on the Kniplaan) was, unfortunately, invalidated and is in need of 'repair'. The municipality of Voorschoten must, among other things, perform research concerning the traffic. This research will need to prove that the farm on Kniplaan 2 (the location of which adjoins the planned dwellings of Het Lint) will be able to continue its business operation. Should the proposed situation turn out to be untenable, then another solution must be provided. The research and potential modifications will be incorporated in an adjusted design for the zoning plan, which will once again be made available for inspection. Needless to say, we will keep you updated regarding the developments.

Are you interested in living in Roosenhorst, then you can definitively register as an interested party for your preferred construction number(s). The estate brooker will contact you and provide additional information.


There are several possibilities for the personalisation of the interior design of your residence. In cooperation with the customer's manager of Vink Bouw, your wishes will be examined and assessed with regard to the different regulations (e.g. the zoning plan, the building code, the Woningborg standards). And in addition your wishes will be checked for technical feasibility.

No, expansions are not permitted. In the zoning plan for Roosenhorst, a maximum surface has been permitted to be available for construction. The current plans comply with this limit, but there is no room for expansions.

A fireplace or wood burner is no longer permitted in new constructions. This is due to the environmentally unfriendly character of the emission of combustion gas and particulate matter. The images do exhibit 'mock chimneys'. These mock chimneys contain the air passages for the inflow and outflow of the mechanical ventilation systems in the residences.

The dwellings in Roosenhorst don't have a gas connection and will be sustainably constructed, according to the NOM-principle (nul-op-de-meter = zero-metered net use). This means that every dwelling will be provided with solar panels, a heat pump, floor heating and cooling, and a heat recovery installation. The energy requirement is met, as much as possible, with the help of premium insulation and triple glazing. Furthermore, in Roosenhorst the rainwater drain will be led to the ditches, lots of vegetation will be planted and paving will be minimised.

Each dwelling in Roosenhorst has an indoor parking garage for one car. In addition there is enough space for a second car on the private driveway. The apartments and penthouses will hold two parking spaces in the garage under the building.

Depending on which 'room' you will be living in, you will either have a personal or a communal dock at your disposal where your sloop can be moored. The ditches in Roosenhorst are directly connected to the Vliet via the Horstsloot.